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Can I use my card for air travel?

Many people, including our staff, use their card for internal air travel, that is air travel within the UK. However we strongly recommend that you check with your carrier as to what they require as we do not accept responsibility for refusal. Most airlines just ask for "photo ID" for internal UK flights.

I am going to France/Spain/Germany can I use my card instead of my passport?

No. Entry into another country, even if it is within the EU will require you, if challenged, to produce proper documentation. VALIDATE UK is not a substitute for a passport.

What about Southern Ireland?

Ireland, along with the UK, is a member of the Common Travel Area. British nationals travelling from the UK don't need a passport to visit Ireland. However, it is likely that you will be required to produce ID, you should check with the airline you are using to ask what they require.

Will the card get me in to pubs and clubs?

VALIDATE UK cards are PASS accredited; this is the UK Government approved standard for proof of age and is recommended by police and the Home Office as a better alternative than a passport, which if lost, compromises your security and is very costly to replace.

For example, all the major supermarkets ASDA, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, M&S etc have national policies of PASS card acceptance, as do major chains like JD Wetherspoons, Vodka Revolution, Deltic e.g. Oceana clubs, Pryzm, Fiction, Cameo, Liquid, Kuda, Chicagos, Unique, Novus Leisure e.g. Tiger Tiger, Balls Bros (London), Premium Bar, Landmark, Jewel, Bar Soho, Verve, Zoo Bar etc, Greene King Pubs, Mitchell & Butler, Marstons Pubs, Hall & Woodhouse, Enterprise Inns, Town & City Pubs, St Austell Brewery, Stonegate eg their pubs plus Yates, Slugg & Lettuce, Missoula Montana, The Living Room, Scream, Missoula Bars, Thwaites, Youngs, Intertain e.g. Walkabout, Youngs, Spirit Pub Co, Fabric London, 02 etc., to name just a few. These cards are supported by the major retail trade, night economy, and licensed trade associations. Where a pub chain is mentioned eg Greene King this means all the pubs within that chain obviously we can't name them all

But please remember, entry to pubs and clubs and sale of alcohol is at the discretion of the license holder

What happens if my card gets refused?

We would like you to email us and give us the details; we need to know who refused you, the date it happened, what reasons were given to you for refusal and the name and address of the venue or shop. Once we have the information we will escalate the matter to the right people and make sure that the refusal is investigated. Cards are not refunded for refusal but all refusals will be thoroughly investigated

Can I use my card for job interviews?

Many people use their card for interviews but it is your responsibility to find out exactly what is required by the company interviewing you as we obviously don't know what all companies require.

Can I use my card for a CSCS Test?

Many people have used their cards for the CSCS examinations but it is your responsibility to check what the examiners require.

Can I use my card for festivals?

Always check to see what the policy of the festival is, but all the major festivals such as Creamfields, Leeds, Reading, Wakestock, T in the Park, Download, Bestival, V Festival, Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Latitude, to name a few, do accept the VALIDATE UK card.

Scanners in pubs and clubs

If you use your card in a scanning machine to gain entry to a pub or club please note that we accept no responsibility for your personal data from thereon.

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