VALIDATE UK, launched in Cardiff 1998 by the then Minister, Dr Kim Howells MP, is the longest running national proof of age card in the UK. All cards are issued in English/Welsh.

Having been involved with the PASS scheme since its inception, and PASS accredited for 10 years, VALIDATE UK still works to its original recipe: to protect children and young people, to help licensees and retailers with ascertaining a person's age, and to assist those who must uphold the law.

Over the years the card has become useful for all sorts of applications other than just the sale of age restricted products and is now used for situations where a person might need ID.

VALIDATE UK cards are available for all ages; our oldest card holder is 97!

We have a ten working day service, a five working day service and a guaranteed overnight service. We realise that, when applying for a card, everyone's situation is different so do call us as we're always happy to help. If you need assistance call 01434 634996.

VALIDATE UK cards all bear the PASS hologram meaning that they are recognised by the Home Office, National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) and CTSI (Chartered Trading Standards Institute) and the Security Industry Authority (SIA), as valid photographic proof of age ID. PASS is supported by all the major trade associations - if you'd like to know which trade organisations and venues support PASS, click here.

We have information packs for retailers and licensees, just call to discuss your requirements.

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